Things to do in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, sits in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco. It’s known primarily as a holiday destination due to its white-sand beaches and year-round warmth cooled by constant winds. The multitude of beaches that wrap around it are interrupted by cliffs and sheltered coves. It's popular for water sports, especially surfing, windsurfing and water-skiing.
This little island is where I was born, I've lived here all my life.

Because it's a tourist based island I'm going to give you some ideas of things you can do. (Come and say hi!)
One of the main attractions has to be the beaches, the most popular beach has to be the flag beach :

El Cotillo lagoons 
 Just chilling out with the drinks and live entertainment outside Cantante

The island also has a very very wide selection of restaurants and bars so you'll never be stuck with the same meal every night,most of them overlook the sea.

If beaches aren't your thing all the hotels have pools included,

If water all in  all isn't your thing then you must smell. Take a hike pal!

Seriously, go for a hike! It's a desert island, full of volcanoes  (non active ones) You'll never know what you might find out there while exploring.
Or jump on a quad bike

So many tourists have taken to hoping on a quad and riding off into the sunset, they're also great for exploring and your legs wont hurt as much as hiking everywhere if you use one of these!

Do you like cheese?
I bet you've never tasted Canarian Cheese
There's a variety of cheeses, most of them made from goat's milk (it should be available in your local supermarket) they all range from strong to mild in taste.


We even have a majorero cheese museum, majorero's are what locals call themselves, if you're from London you're a Londoner, if you're from Fuerteventura you're a majorero.

Other local food include things like this:

You could always try and capture local wildlife
With your camera of course.

Fuerteventura has unique animals that belong on the island and that are now protected due to facing near extinction .

Now that you have an idea of the hings you could do why not book your holiday and come over and say hi!

My favorite thing to do has to be going to the beach!


Day 4 Leaving Yorkshire visiting Newcastle and Glasgow

We had breakfast at Leeming Wells, I had time for a bath, packed our bags and got back in the car.
Briefly stopped off at Newcastle so that my brother could meet up with a friend he's met online ( I was very skeptical about it but my dad seemed fine with it). A year and a half, talking to each other online and my dad dropped him off, met his friend and let my brother walk off with this guy. The boy is the same age as my brother, 18. My dad walked my brother to their arranged meeting point and met the guy, he wasn't worried and was completely fine with it.

Meanwhile I stayed behind to keep an eye on the car because we weren't exactly parked in a legal spot, but my dad was only gone for about ten or fifteen minutes.
We had parked right next to a graveyard so I decided to explore a little (still keeping an eye on the car)

I know graveyards are usually portrait as scary creepy  zombie places but I thought it looked really pretty.

Plus they're full of history.
Once my brother walked off with his friend, dad and I got back in the car and headed for Glasgow to visit old friends of his. We stayed for about half an hour, chatting and got back in the car again.
Drove back to Edinburgh, had something to eat and went to bed.
My brother stayed the night at his friends and got the train back in the morning.

Stay tuned for more!


Day 3 going to Yorkshire and attending a movie premier!

I'm still in the UK so I thought I'd tell you what I've been up to.

I woke up in Edinburgh and went to bed in Yorkshire. A four hour drive to get there, we stayed at the Leeming Wells hotel

 Not bad. I had a whole room to myself while my dad and brother shared a two bedroom right next door to me. Not bad indeed.

We then drove down to a chapel in a small village to watch the premier of the movie Mountain Biking, The Untold British Story.  We got comfy and sat down with our curry's.

 My dad played a big part in Mountain Bike history and he is interviewed in the film!

He started up the first successful mountain bike company Muddy Fox, it has since changed ownership a few times I'm guessing!
But still does mountain bikes and is going strong!
The film talks about the beginning of the mountain bike era and how far it's come, and the competitive side of the industry.
By the end of it I was near tears, and ready to jump on my bike and explore the world.

 I thought my dad was going to drag me to this boring documentary thing about bikes. UGH.
But it turned out I was wrong, the film is not only interesting but emotional and funny. It leaves you wanting more.
Also there were goodies bags! This makes me feel like I'm prepared for a big adventure with my bike now, I'll be fully equipped.


Day 2 The Blackbird pub

This is going to be a rant, because I'm still annoyed by what happened yesterday.
After a long and tiring day of walking around and exploring we decided to eat out for dinner,we didn't want anything fancy because we were exhausted. (My dad,brother and I) decided to eat at a pub, because we thought it'll do the job, nice and easy.
After consulting google, we decided to eat in The Blackbird Bar.

 About the Blackbird Edinburgh. Winner of the Scottish Style Awards 2013

The restaurant part of the pub is quite small,but cute. They're about section of their website describes this:  Winner of the Scottish Style Award 2013 – The Blackbird brings together house batch cocktails, craft beers, great food and weekly live music sessions. What’s not to love?

I'll tell you what's not to love, we were sat right at the back of this small restaurant area, fair enough because it was the only 3 seater place available. But that meant the waiters attended to everyone else before us, even when everybody else had been tended to it was still really hard to get the staff's attention!
Opposite us was a group of ladies that must've been out celebrating something because they were so loud the whole time. We couldn't hear ourselves! It wasn't just 5 minutes or half an hour either, they were there for about 2 hours, I'm not saying people shouldn't go out and have fun with they're friends, I just got a little annoyed  that I couldn't hear the people I was sitting right next to when I was trying to make conversation.

The waiters took forever to attend to us, I ordered the Seared lamb rump, baby aubergine, lemon, warm broad bean salad, bee pollen, pomegranate. 

Four very thin slices of meat and a pile of beans is not what I expected,I was very dissapointed.
On the other hand, my brother and dad enjoyed their choices of The Blackbird steak pie; butter puff pastry, twice cooked chips, and the 8oz Scottish beef burger, brioche bun, Applewood Smoked Cheddar, tomato salsa, dill pickle, twice cooked chips.
So maybe I just made the wrong choice of food,because I was the only person left hungry after their meal, so I thought I should order dessert because that way I won't feel like I've got an empty stomach.

My dad opted out for dessert as he was felling stuffed after his burger, ad my brother wasn't sure if he should order anything or not. But by the time the waiters noticed us again, my dad was hungry, I was starving and my brother was sure he was going to order dessert.

Dad and I both had the same thing: TBB Bananas Foster, Belgian waffles. Caramelised banana, muscovado, flamed spiced rum, vanilla pod ice cream.
My brother ordered the Warm chocolate brownie, salted caramel, vanilla pod ice cream.

The bill took about five minutes to come.
It came to a whopping 70 pounds, the most we'd spent on a night out in a long time, and in a pub!

Overall I do NOT recommend going here for the dinning experience, if you fancy a drink or two though, I can't say anything because I didn't stay to enjoy their pub after dinner!

Stay tuned for day three  of my UK adventures coming soon!