Primark's PS... Super Blends Coconut & Cactus Flower Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Why is coconut oil so popular all of the sudden? I don't know if you've noticed but it's in everything lately.
Anyway, Primark has now incorporated it into their new range of hair care products and it smells so good.
Each bottle is 250ml and only costs 1.50€.

Although I have to say that once washed the smell of coconut does fade, your hair won't still smell of coconut the next day, unfortunately.
 My hair is pretty greasy so I have to wash it every two or three days and there are some shampoos that make it even worse or make it better and ñast longer without a wash.

Honestly, this product doesn't make it worse, but it doesn't make it better either.

I like the packaging I like the smell of it but that's all it does for me.

What do you think?
Have you tried it?
Do you get the same results?


LÓREAL exfoliating gel and detox gel review

Everyone has heard of facemasks, right?

Because it's all I've heard of all summer 👀

I'm not sure why but at the moment I'd say facemasks are in the top ten most popular things of 2018.

So as the trendsetter I am (wink wink) I decided to dive into this trend and try it out.
The first thing that I have to say about these facemasks is that I like the smell and the fact that my face feels incredibly smooth, especially after using the black one.

You're probably supposed to use these every day or every night before you go to bed.

I, the, rebel only used them about twice a week if that.
They lasted me a year between the two and I'm pretty impressed they lasted that long, to be honest.

They've been squeezed dry, my skin has cleared up quite a bit. Definitely will be repurchasing soon.

I want to hear what you guys think.
Are you a fan of facemasks?
Do yu use them religiosly?
Have you tried these ones?
Did they work for you?

I'll be checking the comment section😘

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Books I have yet to read

I've always loved reading but recently I haven't been doing it as much as I used to, thanks to the usual distraction... LIFE.
But I still buy books because I still love reading.
 I just need to find the time to sit down, m have a cup of tea and a book in my hands for a couple of hours and I'll be happy.
Here are a few of the books that I have yet to read but I have them lying around my house:

I've had these three books for years but never touched them or watched the films.

I try to avoid watching films if I haven't read or finished reading the book.

Also, I prefer paper handheld books as opposed to ebooks or audiobooks.

Burned is from the house of night book series, this series is about vampires and the different types of vampires, how they learn to fight together, fall in love with each other and hate each other to death.

Another classic untouched by Coral, I've had this book for years but have never gotten around to reading it.

Have you read any of these books?
Which ones?
Do you prefer paperback, e-books or audiobooks?


What a preschool teacher needs to use the first month of back to school

I've been teaching English to toddlers in a private school (ages 1-3) for a year now and if the school can't provide you with material for the kids for example books, games, activities...
 you're forced to find your own way to try and get through the school year.

Resultado de imagen de preschool teacher

Personally, I think that the back to school bit is the hardest, mainly because it's a brand new environment for the kids, they're used to being with their parents most of the time and not used to complete strangers telling them what to do.

So as a teacher I have to find a way to distract the children from the constant questions  ''when is mummy coming?'' when am I going home?'' ''

According to my monthly planning, I have the whole month of September to teach them about school, the number one, circle, and the colour red.

I can teach all of that in a day, it gets very boring for the kids, especially the smallest ones, so what do I do?

I add some vocabulary that's related to school things but for the rest of it...

I try and have fun with the kids


Resultado de imagen de little puppy Lambert & Goldhawk
Resultado de imagen de Play with peppa puppet book
Puppet books are a big hit with toddlers, Little Puppy isn't exactly educational, more an entertainment book for toddlers where Litlle puppy goes to the park and tries to copy everything the big dogs do.

Play with Peppa teaches the children to say sorry, when Peppa shouts in the library she's shhh'd by Miss Rabbit for example.

Resultado de imagen de is there a dog in this book?

Resultado de imagen de is there a dog in this book?

Is there a dog in this book? Is a lift the flap book about three cats that find a dog in the house and eventually befriend the animal.

Resultado de imagen de rhinos dont eat pancakes

Rhinos don't eat pancakes is a book that will make children realize that mum and dad don't always listen! Daisy sees a rhino in the house and tries to tell mum and dad, but they're too busy to listen to Daisy.
She befriends the rhino but her parents plan a surprise trip to the zoo so Daisy can see a REAL rhino.

Don't forget the classics!
Resultado de imagen de the jungle book pull book

This pull apart book is perfect for the 3-year-olds, it lets you see how they hold and the strength they have in their fingers, plus they love touching things that they're able to make move.


Resultado de imagen de little learning games colors
The oldest ( 3-year-olds) love puzzle games, this is a fun way to get them to learn the colours.

Resultado de imagen de my first memory game

Any memory game is a hit with kids, if you can get a couple that matches a theme like, Halloween memory games or Christmas ones, they'll never get tired of them.

Resultado de imagen de PJMASKS number puzzle

If there's one thing kids haven't stopped talking about its PJMASKS they looooove this programme.
I managed to find a number puzzle with this theme and they adore it.

Remember that the first month of school is making sure the kids feel comfortable enough around you to stop asking the questions like when are we going home?'' ''are we finished yet?'' '' can you call mummy?''

I hope I've helped someone starting out or struggling for ideas, or even a mummy thats thinking of buying some sort of entertainment for their toddler.


All my insecurities

I know I don't post regularly anymore but I'm struggling a little with some life things.
I'm currently in my P-j's, have been since about 6 pm but haven't slept since six am.
Seeing as I'm feeling like crap I thought I'd tell you all the things I have that make me feel like crap.

I'm insecure about making new friends, starting a conversation, asking for the bill or asking for help when I know I need help.
I'm insecure about smiling because I had to wear braces when I was little and I didn't keep them in as long as I was supposed to.

I'm insecure about my legs because I walk with a limp since day 1 and avoid doing outdoor exercise because I feel like everyone can see me limping.
I'm insecure about going to busy beaches because that means showing a bunch of strangers my body in a bikini.

I'm insecure about my love life because I'm scared of both finding someone that doesn't want anything serious and also finding someone that's too seriously into me.

I'm scared of not being good enough, let it be for work, relationships, or anything really.

I'm scared of my landlord, no reason, it's just someone that collects payment, but I'm scared of this person either way.

I'm scared of walking home at night.

People walking too close to me.

Strangers touching me.

Strangers speaking to me when I'm walking home at night.

I'm scared of not doing anything in my life, even though I'm incredibly lazy.

Cockroaches terrify me.


OOTD: A walk in the park

Hello! How are you doing? Enjoying the summer? or winter depending on where you are in the world... Where are you from and is it summer right now? Tell me in the comments below⬇⬇

I thought I'd do something different today an OOTD for a summer walk in the park
Let's get started...

What I love the most about this outfit are the shoes, trouble is I normally can't walk in heels, but these ones are so comfy and easy to walk in 😍 Let's go from top to bottom and leave the best for last.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the one I'm wearing, it's from H&M, but this is as close as I could find.

Encuentro white embroidery blouse originally 17,99 €   now reduced to 9,99  €  

I am a massive jean lover and these are my absolute fave pair to wear

Encuentro Denim Push up jeans originally 22,99 €  now reduced to 12,99   


How fucking fierce do these look?? 
I got mine in the shop in the colour baby pink but for some reason on the online shop they're only available in black, go to our Stradivarius and hunt them down now!

Stradivarius High heel satin sandals 29,95   € 

Let me know below ⬇⬇ if you'd wear this outfit for a day out or a date

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This is my new little island

Hey! It's been a while since I got down to writte any posts but I've been so busy!
 In August 2016 I move to an island called Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Mapa de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

This is my new little island

Why did I move to this island, when I already lived on one of the islands? 
I got a job offer as an English teacher in Gran Canaria.

That meant: 

Having to find my own apartment to live in. Settled for a simple studio apartment in the end.
Work within 30 min walking distance.

 Be prepared to be woken up by musical march bands every now and then.

Go to the beach every now and again, thats 2 min away from my new apartment.

 Dont forget to go to work!

 Celebrate carnaval and other festivities

 Canarian day!

 Go for walks
Fend for myself

Take selfies when bored.

If you'd like a post about what my work intales just leave a comment, until then...... ADIÓS AMIGOS.