Should I update my CV?

Obviously, yes I should.
But I'm referring to whether or not to put blogger/ You-tuber on my CV.
I mean, I live on a very small island, hardly anyone knows that this can be an actual job here they mostly get bar jobs or work as receptionists.

I'm not earning big time from it either but I enjoy writing blog posts and doing YouTube videos,and it would be really really cool to be able to work at this full time one day.

How many of you list this on your CV?
Do you think it helps companies employ you?
Is it hard explaining it if someone doesn't understand what being a blogger/You-tuber is?
How many job offers have you received because you put it on your CV?

Thanks guys


Lush bath bomb: Twilight

This is the first bath bomb I've used since I bought a bunch in London.
It smells amazing.

It's blue inside

I was expecting it to be more pigmented.

Glitter! It's filled with glitter.

Not sure if I'll be repurchasing this one... What do you guys think?


Insta Natural Argan Oil Review

Its been over a week and I can already see the difference and that these products actually do work! 
I highly recommend them to anyone that wants longer hair.

Honestly,when I first saw the products I was a bit sceptical, because, how many products are there now a days that claim hair growth? 
I was really surprised to see these actually work, I'm impressed by them and recommend you give them a go if you want to grow your hair out.

I took the first photo after dying my hair before using the product so you'd be able to see the  difference it makes in just over a week.
It's a bit blurry but I think it's pretty obvious it works isn't it?

Overall, I'm genuinely surprised that this actually works and I'm so happy!