I missed my own blogiversary

I am blogger and a You tuber,obviously not a dead serious one because I'd have decent content for you and I'd be updating you either daily or weekly.
I am kind of angry because I do want to take blogging seriously but I either run out of ides or things to talk about, or I just get distracted by my day to day stuff like, you know, life.
It was supposed to be all the way back in April.So here are supposed to be happy looking but just look really sad on my blog at the moment.
 I missed my own blogiversary.
 What an idiot.
The cake of disappointment.


Life update: Going on holiday,possible jobs and nearly getting raped

I missed blogging so much.
How are you guys? What have you all been up to? I want to know. Leave a comment.

Since my blog is mainly about my life events I'll share some recent happenings with you all, and upcoming ones!

  • Going on holiday! I'll be in Scotland for a ten day holiday,visiting and site seeing the area my dad grew up in and all that jazz. I know this probably won't seem like much of a holiday for most of you but I do live in Spain and I'm getting kinda bored of having sunshine all year round. Plus my brother got into uni and will be starting his first year in September!! He will be going to Heriot Watt
  • Possible jobs. I have had a flooding of job offers all of the sudden. I've gone from desperate for a job last year to  having companies fight over  me and compete with each other. I could be in mainland Spain by the end of this year, or in Gran Canaria by the end of August I've been appointed teaching jobs in both these lovely locations. Tomorrow I've got a selection process thing in my local town for the opportunity to work as a sales person in a perfume shop, so I could be staying right where I am. Who knows??
  • Nearly getting raped. This is a serious matter and I'm not making this up in any way, I'd just like to remind everybody to be very careful when you're out at night .Ok, I'm not a saint, I know I may look like one, but, I go out at night sometimes, on the weekends, have a few drinks with friends, maybe a few too many. No big deal right? WRONG. You don't think properly when you've drunk alcohol. The night was ending, I was getting tired, so was my friend, we don't live near each other so I walked him to the taxi rank. I said goodbye and didn't get into the taxi when my friend offered to pay for it. WRONG. I decided to walk home instead, I hadn't been walking for more than five minutes when a car stopped, beeped at me and called me over. I recognized the guy ( he'd been talking to my friends that night and added me on Facebook a couple of weeks before) So I thought ''I recognize this guy. I've got him on Facebook, no worries'' WRONG AGAIN. I got in the car because I figured I recognize the guy, I'll get home faster in a car than on foot, plus I'm really tired. WRONG.He drove and parked near my house, I didn't want him to park directly outside my house because I'm not ecstatic about everybody knowing exactly where my house is.He parked,told me I was very pretty and slid his hand onto my leg and started sliding it up my skirt. His car doors were funny,tacky,they wouldn't open properly. I told him I wasn't interested and just wanted to go home, I opened the passenger door and got out. Started to walk away when he said '' wait I forgot to say something, come here!'' So I went towards him. WRONG. He got out the car so I thought '' maybe he just wants to say sorry, we're not in the car so he won't try to slide his hand up my skirt again.'' WRONG. I walked up to him thinking he was going to apologize. He didn't. He grabbed me and put me against the backseat door and told me we should have some fun,I said no. He pushed me against the door and said ''You're really pretty, we should have some fun.'' I said no again and started to push him, trying to get away. I'd been drinking so it probably felt more like a shove to him than anything else.He opened the backseat door and pushed me down. His hands were holding my arms down and he was trying to climb on top of me. Then he switched to holding me down with one hand while the other tries to go up my skirt. Meanwhile he's saying ''Just relax, It's just a little fun'' I decided to st up, I thought that if I just sat up in the backseat of his car he might think I'm up for it.He had his hands on me again in no time and this time he wanted his head in the same place his hands were trying to go.I  had one hand on his head and the other trying to find the door handle thing. I couldn't keep my eyes on both him and the door, they were darting from one to the other the whole time. I could feel his breath on my legs,very close to my underwear,then,all of the sudden I saw the lock on the door and pulled it up with both hands,lifted my knee up and tried to push him backwards while I open the door. I got out of the car and all I could hear was how he was laughing,then I heard him say '' see you around''. I power walked to my house, didn't look back.

I've not been out drinking again since then, I've not worn a skirt since then either. I have seen him since that night, he drove passed me while I was on the way to the beach, I stopped and recognized him, he didn't even turn his head.
I live in a town where everybody knows everybody. When I say NO I don't mean ''let's have some fun''.
When I say NO I mean NO..
But because I wore a skirt and got into a guys car, he will probably be praised by the gods and I will be called a whore, and then I'll have more guys trying to do the same because this one guy is probably bragging about how he managed to get me into his car and slide his hand up my skirt.

I'm wishing upon a thousand stars to get away from this mess and be able to work in Gran Canaria or mainland Spain, or anywhere but here,because I do not feel safe in the little island I was born in, the one I've spent my whole life living on.

I know there are bad people everywhere an anywhere I go isn't going to be all rainbows and butterflies. but at the moment I'd prefer to be surrounded by strangers than by the people I know on my little island.