The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Katya for nominating me for this award!
I was on holiday at the time and my internet was utter crap so it was a nice surprise to have when I got home.
The Versatile Blogger Award is given to a blogger that blogs about everything, whilst maintaining quality content. Read about it here
I'm surprised you think I have quality content to be honest, I think I've been slacking on blogging lately.
I'm still super happy to be nominated though.

Ok, so as per usual there are always rules for these things so I'll leave them here for anyone who would like to be informed

  I'm going to nominate these 15 bloggers
  • Megan I had a quick look through her blog for this nomination and I think her blog deserves to be recognised more because she has written some nice and interesting posts
  • Anna, because she blogs about almost everything (and she was staying on the island next to me so we were basically neighbour buddies for a while)
  • Stephanie because like myself, she blogs about anything and anything, and btw I really want that Maybe line new york pencil now
  • CindyLynn seriously, how many handbags?
  • Kira I like her blog
  • Emmanualle This blog looks amazing
  • Louise, her blog is better than mine but that doesn't mean you should stop following me
  • Zen everything DIY
  • Shreoshe
  • Natalie
  • Surabhi was nominated by myself a while back for the blog tour award and I think this blog deserves to be nominated for this aswell
  • Clare I love your crafty idea!
  • Yvette a muumy and felow blogger
  • Paola

7 things about me
  1. I am half Spanish half British,therefore I am bilingual
  2. I plan on teaching myself administration without going to school
  3. I used to suffer from epileptic attacks when I was younger
  4. I have one leg shorter than the other and ''don't walk like a normal person''
  5. I promised my dad I'd live with him forever and I don't want to leave
  6. I hate hamburgers
  7. But I love beef


Adult colouring in

My dad laughed at me when I said I wanted a colouring book.
I'm a 20 year old and I want to colour in okay?
The day I had my panic attack in the middle of London my dad finally thought getting a colouring book would be a good idea to help calm me down, and it did.
Image result for adult colouring in book

I think colouring in is really fun, and calming.
You can get all sorts of books with patters and ideas, and even though my dad thought I was being silly for wanting a colouring in book he sees now it does help.
I got to choose from all these books and more!
In the end I bought this one

I don't think its one of the most popular ones but I love it.
There are so many pages and so much detail I think It's going to take me years to finish it, but either way I'm not in a rush.

What are your thoughts on adult colouring books? Do you think It's silly to want to colour in as an adult?


Panick in the middle of london

Apparently I have something called demo-phobia, or at least that's what my dad thinks it is.

I had a full on panic attack in the middle of London, I don't know why but I just realised I was surrounded by strangers and burst into tears.

My dad and brother were ahead of me so they didn't even notice I was crying at first, but then strangers started staring at me because I was crying and people were looking at me I started screaming, I don't know why.
I didn't appreciate strangers staring at me I guess, so my brother and dad turned around and I was crying and shaking and just stood there.
I didn't even want to move, all I could say was that there's too many people.
My dad tried to put his arm around me and asked me what was wrong but I pushed him away, I didn't want to be touched I kept repeating ''there's too many people''.

I was shaking and crying and I didn't know why, I've never felt like crying because I'm surrounded by people.
I guess living on my little Island here in Spain the population isn't as high as it is in the UK and I'm not used to so many people.

I don't know if it is some kind of phobia or not but I did not like that day at all.
We got out of the crowded place and sat down, had a coffee and something to eat and eventually I calmed down.

Could it be a phobia? Or is this something that happens to everyone every once in a while? Could it be an anxiety attack?