Help me decide!

So my 21st birthday is on the way and I still don't have a licence...to kill,or to drive around.
Honestly I don't really want one, but my dad thinks it'd be a good idea to pay for the lessons for my birthday.

I got really stressed out about it the other day and started crying , said that I didn't want anything for my birthday I just wanted to move out and be alone.

My dad obviously got upset and started asking if he'd done anything wrong why was I saying this all of the sudden.
Iv'e always said since I was little that I wanted to live with my dad forever and take care of him when he gets old.

I said I din't want to learn how to drive,because I'm terrified and I live on an island. anywhere I want or need to go, I can get the bus.
He said Ok then, think of something you do want.

I said a puppy, only because I've wanted one since forever and I've asked for one every chance I get.
Every time It's the same answer so really I just said puppy expecting a ''I've told you before no means no'' kind of answer


Instead of hearing his same answer he said ''we'll look at shelters soon, make sure you watch videos on how to train a dog properly''

I'm so excited!

I haven't decided yet and we haven't looked at any, but I want you guys to help me decide.Yes, I know the adult thing to do would be to chose driving lessons.

What would you chose puppy or driving lessons?


Birthday wishlist : KIKO Cosmetics

Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner


Mat Base Corrector Primer


Brush Cleanser


Face 106

FACE 106