Why I'm not looking forward to moving out and being independant

So you've read about me moving out and starting a new independent life which sounds pretty exciting, if you haven't read about it I suggest you do.

I did make a list of reasons to be terrified on that one, but I wan to focus on more day to day things that everyone has no problem with but I know i'm going to mess up.


They never taught me how to adult. I've never paid any bills in my life. What do I do? Do I pay the guy upfront every month cash in hand? Do I go to the bank and ask the bankers what to do? What happens if I'm late with my rent?? Am I going to get kicked out for not paying them on time?


I know, I should get out there and be more social! 
I do want to make friends, but I'm crap at judging people, I could tag along with a bunch of junkies and be like guys I don't think you should do this, and I'd keep hanging out with them cos it'd give me something to do.

My mum say's I can't

Can't use that excuse anymore can I? I'm not a fan of letting anyone I meet into my house and the fact that I'm going to be alone from now on means, I could get followed home easier, I'm probably more likely to get mugged, or wake up on the had floor with my bed and everything missing.


I'm not looking forward to buying my own food. I can eat a LOT of food,and the fact that I'm going to buy my own food and then eat it all and I'll have to go buy some more is not an exciting thought.


THERE'S NO WIFI IN THE FLAT, this is very upsetting to me,how am I supposed to blog? or keep up with my social media? or function in life?I think in this day and age everyone depends on a good wifi connection for something or another. I'm going to have to hang out at little caf├ęs everyday all day. Sucking up the wifi.

On that very sad note, I'll leave some questions for you and say goodbye for now. 
Just know that if I don't post in a while, I'm not dead, I just don't have wifi.

Are you still living with your parents?
What age were you when you moved out?
Do you know how to pay bills?
If you haven't moved out yet, are you looking forward to being independent or not?


Moving out and being independant

I'm officially an adult!
In just seven days, SEVEN DAYS I will be living in my very own flat ladies and gentlemen (Well, studio flat...or apartment. Suit yourselves)

I signed the contract a few days ago, and I'l be moving out on the 23rd.

I got a call at the beginning of summer to schedule a job interview via Skype, my first thought was It'll be over and done with in no time and never hear from them again.
I usually fail at job interviews and get rejected.

But I got an email from them saying they'd love to have me working with them.
I was also deciding between other jobs at the time, analyzed everything and decided to go with this one.
It does mean having to move island, but I was also offered in Australia ( I know an amazing opportunity, but it requires a shit load of money) but it means if something goes wrong I'm only a 30 min flight away. (Australia is 22 hours+ away by plane).

I start in September,Monday- Friday,weekends off, Christmas holidays, Easter holidays. They're able to provide me with social security and a years working contract.
I'm going to be an English teacher!
Working with kids from the ages 0-6. I'm over the moon!
The only thing I am slightly worried about is that I am really shy, and kids can pick up on things like that really easily and take advantage. 
I know it sounds really pathetic, English teacher overpowered by 6 year old but I'm not the kind of person that can jump into something and fit into the mold. In my last job I only managed to last a week, but they had me start mid school year.
The school itself is a bilingual school that wants to teach children starting from a young age that there is more than one language to be spoken.

Hopefully living on my own will make me ''man up'' and lose my shyness.I'll be in the middle of a city, I've never lived in a city before, so I'll be able to meet new people everyday. 
What's the point of moving out or away if all you're going to do is go from home to work and that's it.

I am excited yet terrified to be independent. 

Reasons to be excited

  • I can eat anything I want at any time of the day, who says I can't have ice cream for lunch? No one, because I live alone.
  • When my dad comes to visit I can finally say ''You're under my roof now, my house my rules''.
  • It's a small place so it'll be easier to clean and hopefully encourage me to be tidier.
  • Decorate it how ever I please.
  • Have friends over, I have this weird anxiety about inviting people into our house in case my dad thinks my friends are total weirdo's.
  • Exploring new places,It's a city , I'l have something new to explore everyday.

Reasons to be terrified

  • Eating anything I want everyday will not end well, I have no self control and a bottomless pit for a stomach. 
  • My dad won't be around that much and the rest of my family members live in the UK so I won't see any of them unless I travel for Christmas.
  • It's small and I'm messy.
  • My decorating skills might look awesome as fuck in my head but once they're done they'll probably look fucked up.
  • Making friends is not an easy thing for me, I'm awkward.Plus I could chose the wrong type of friends and wake up one morning on the floor with my bed and my belongings missing.
  • I have no sense of direction and get lost really easily.

Overall I don't know if I'm more excited than terrified or the other way around, but my work contract and lease are both a years duration, if things go well the year will be over in time, if they don't....I'm stuck with it.

Omg I nearly forgot to show you the actual place. It's small, as I said before, but It's going to be just me and it does the job. 
My dad took the photos in a hurry because we were just looking at the place and hadn't decided on it yet so he wasn't sure if photo taking was allowed. 
Some of them are a little blurry.
But yo get the picture.

 This is what you see as soon as you walk in the entrance. A table, chair and a sofa (the sofa is also my bed, It has two mattresses to make it into a double bed)

 This is the smallest bathroom I've ever seen but I'm not judging. #stopbathroomshaming
There's a washing machine, a toilet,sink and a shower.

 This is the view I have sitting on my sofa/bed. The door, a chair and my real estate agent. Don't think she's included though.
 Tiny TV. My laptop screen is bigger than my TV
My kitchen ft yours truly.

Overall, I have a job waiting for me in less than a month, a place to sleep and eat and new places and faces to meet.

I just realized I made a rhyme.
Watch out Eminem.