Job update

Hello everybody!
For those who have been keeping up with my posts about the job I got, you´ll know I had a few worries about it, you can catch up HERE and HERE

Hopefully you're all caught up now,after asking me if I wanted to travel with him and his daughter
I obviously had some questions, and so did my dad.
My main questions were about the child, school starts mid September and I didn't think it would be good for her to miss three weeks of school (especially because she'd told me she didn't really have any friends at school and the beginning of the school year is critical if you want your child to be comfortable and make friends and ''fit in'')
My other question was why would you bother taking the babysitter?
It obviously isn't a normal thing to do so I just wanted to know why
The reasons he gave me were '' I trust you to look after my kid when I'm not around, I trust you to come late at night for me to go out with my friends and be alone with her''etc.

My dad's question's were as he was going to pay for my flight and food and everything was I going to pay me for looking after the kid whilst we were there.
The answer? NO
Was I going to get my own room? I had amused so but my dad just wanted to make sure 
The answer? NO
I was expected to share a room with him and the kid and I'd sleep on the same bed as the kid, and he'd be on the bed next to us.His reasons for this were,he was going to pay for my flight and food, and in his head that would make up for not paying me.
How long did he want to go on holiday for? 3 weeks. 
You can call me fussy if you want but I was not up for sharing a bed with a nine year old for three weeks.Plus he had said '' wherever we go, you go''

To sum up everything,I was going to be away for three weeks in a place I'd never been before,with a man that had asked me before to stay the night at his house and now wanted to share a hotel room with me,I was not going to get paid,I was not going to get my own room, I wasn't even going to get my own bed.I'd be following him and the kid around everywhere they went.
This did not sound like a holiday trip for me to my dad or myself.
So I said no, it was the weekend so I didn't have to go back until Monday.When Monday arrived I went to the house as per usual to take the kid to the beach for a while, I rang the doorbell but nobody answered, I rang again just in case...
Waited for a while and nothing.
So I rang him:
-''Where are you?''
-''Because I'm at your house and its three o'clock is everything ok?''
-''Why are you at my house?''
-''Because It's Monday and I'm here to take... to the beach''
-''You don't work for us any more, I got the flight tickets yesterday''
-''I'm sorry what?''
-''You said you weren't travelling with us so you don't work for us any more I explained this to you''
He didn't say that at any point in the conversation when he was trying to persuade me to go with him, he was basically saying come with me or lose your job, and I don't remember him saying that at any point.

So now I'm jobless AGAIN, but at least I've got something to put on my CV now.

If any of you have any video suggestions for me,I'd love to hear them because I am hoping to make YouTube a full time thing.


Hello September

Hello everyone!
We're in September now, this summer hasn't lasted long enough for me honestly, but I do look forward to wearing all my hoodies and jumpers and CANDLES!
I've only got the one for now but mmmm MORE CANDLES

The good thing about Autum starting, is that I am PRE-PARED BITCHES
My wardrobe consists of every jumper, hoodie,sweater ever made. ( I still want more )

I love feeling cosy and slouchy at the same time and jumpers are perfect for that

If you would like me to do a ''my jumper collection'' video over on my Youtube channel

just let me know by commenting on my last video.

The other thing thats good about September is that ITS ONLY A MONTH UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY
So If you'd also like to see a ''what I got for my birthday'' video leave a comment on My latest video