Shampoo appreciation post

Hello again!
Long time no see huh? You may or may not know that since the end of august I have been living solo, working and sleeping, so the first month I bought all the basics. 
By basics I mean basics, all the cheapest versions of everything, even shampoo.

After two months of living solo my friend came over to see me,I had a shower and that was when she saw my hair.
I have long straight hair,and it tends to get knotty often but when i came out of the shower my friend offered to brush it. She immediately asked what kind of godforsaken shampoo had I been using, ''the supermarket brand one'' apparently I was going to lose all my hair if I continued using it because it was damaging my hair so much. So before she started to give me a headache I gave her some money and told her she could go out and buy some good shampoo if it was that important ( I was in a towel and did not fancy going out).

 She came back with TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner and gave me my change and said to use it immediately, so I did.
It was sooooo much easier to brush through and felt so nice once it was dried. A couple of days later I washed my hair again and remembered I also had some L'OREAL Extrodinary Clay shampoo and conditioner so I tried those aswell as the TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner and my hair felt and smelt amaaaaaazing.

I know this is a rubbish ranty post about shampoo, of all the things to write about I chose shampoo.
But I feel like I've just discovered something amazing and I wanted to let people know that sometimes spending a little more and not always going for the cheapest option is the best option.