What a preschool teacher needs to use the first month of back to school

I've been teaching English to toddlers in a private school (ages 1-3) for a year now and if the school can't provide you with material for the kids for example books, games, activities...
 you're forced to find your own way to try and get through the school year.

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Personally, I think that the back to school bit is the hardest, mainly because it's a brand new environment for the kids, they're used to being with their parents most of the time and not used to complete strangers telling them what to do.

So as a teacher I have to find a way to distract the children from the constant questions  ''when is mummy coming?'' when am I going home?'' ''

According to my monthly planning, I have the whole month of September to teach them about school, the number one, circle, and the colour red.

I can teach all of that in a day, it gets very boring for the kids, especially the smallest ones, so what do I do?

I add some vocabulary that's related to school things but for the rest of it...

I try and have fun with the kids


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Puppet books are a big hit with toddlers, Little Puppy isn't exactly educational, more an entertainment book for toddlers where Litlle puppy goes to the park and tries to copy everything the big dogs do.

Play with Peppa teaches the children to say sorry, when Peppa shouts in the library she's shhh'd by Miss Rabbit for example.

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Resultado de imagen de is there a dog in this book?

Is there a dog in this book? Is a lift the flap book about three cats that find a dog in the house and eventually befriend the animal.

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Rhinos don't eat pancakes is a book that will make children realize that mum and dad don't always listen! Daisy sees a rhino in the house and tries to tell mum and dad, but they're too busy to listen to Daisy.
She befriends the rhino but her parents plan a surprise trip to the zoo so Daisy can see a REAL rhino.

Don't forget the classics!
Resultado de imagen de the jungle book pull book

This pull apart book is perfect for the 3-year-olds, it lets you see how they hold and the strength they have in their fingers, plus they love touching things that they're able to make move.


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The oldest ( 3-year-olds) love puzzle games, this is a fun way to get them to learn the colours.

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Any memory game is a hit with kids, if you can get a couple that matches a theme like, Halloween memory games or Christmas ones, they'll never get tired of them.

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If there's one thing kids haven't stopped talking about its PJMASKS they looooove this programme.
I managed to find a number puzzle with this theme and they adore it.

Remember that the first month of school is making sure the kids feel comfortable enough around you to stop asking the questions like when are we going home?'' ''are we finished yet?'' '' can you call mummy?''

I hope I've helped someone starting out or struggling for ideas, or even a mummy thats thinking of buying some sort of entertainment for their toddler.


  1. I don't have kids so I don't have any of my own, but I love giving children's books to my friends' kids!

  2. Interesting reading it from a teacher's perspective as people generally tend to only think of the children returning to school!

  3. Oh interesting! I teach 3rd grade this is so fun to read

  4. This is so interesting and well planned post. My daughter is in kindergarten now and can totally relate to things you have mentioned for a preschooler.