My 2016

Another year done and dusted!
2016 has been a massive roller coaster for everyone.
Don't deny it.
We took 2016 and made some majorly bad political decisions.

Actors, singers and great people died.
David Bowie died after an 18-month battle with cancer Jan. 10. He was 69.
Alan Rickman died Jan. 14 from cancer. He was 69
To Kill A Mockingbird” author Harper Lee died in her sleep Feb. 19 at the age of 89

There are many many more to be put on the list but this is going to be about my 2016.

I was offered my first job as an English teacher and they let me g two weeks later because they wanted someone experienced even though they knew I had 0 experience but weren't willing to train me because it was too costly.


I baked amazing muffins

My grandparents came to visit and we went for a meal in a restaurant / hotel

It rained.

It's carnaval! The perfect excuse for me to put a onesie on and wonder around town knowing im not going to look a complete weirdo.


By this time I was working as a volunteer in a School and a babysitter to four sisters (ages 3-12) and apparently 1% fluent in Italian

My best friend came to visit for two weeks, we hadn't seen each other in 4 years

Started to get slightly interested in makeup.


I started using up the bath bombs I'd bought the year before on my trip to London

Went to the beach


 Took a lot of selfies

My best friend came back and she stayed a little longer this time so we decided to go explore the island a bit.
(It's a dessert island so we found lots of sand)


May was the month I tried to go vegan, I lasted for about nearly three weeks until I could not resist the temptation of a Sunday Roast any longer.

I decided to do a lot of walking

Used Snapchat for a while

Went on long romantic walks with my dog only to discover a scrapyard 

Tried and failed to make home made pizza

Did some more island exploring

 Ended the month by stalking a stranger that looked hot

By June I had been offered and accepted a job as an English teacher on another island, I was to start in September.
But at the very begging of the month, before deciding on the job I was also trying to decide whether or not if I should instead go to Australia to be an Au pair or to the UK to be an English teacher.
I decided to accept the English teaching ob, not in the UK but in Gran Canaria, the island next door.
Therefor if anything went wrong I wouldn't be far from home.

So what did I do in June apart from interviews?

 Go to the beach

 Tried new things strawberry fizzy drink with licorice

 Took some photos of a bike ride

Passed the camera onto my returned best friend (shes a very skilled photographer as you can see)


By July I'd been blogging for a year, so I decided to take my family on holiday.

 Lots of food to be eaten.

 We went to Scotland

 My brother was also due to move away in September to start uni

 We got invited to watch a premier of a film my dad was featured in.

Stayed at a hotel for a night


 Bought a new phone


 More beach!

Apartment hunting!

Found one...
time to celebrate!

Time to make my move!

Time to start my new life as an English teacher oh the joy!


By October I'd started to settle in, thought I'd be celebrating my birthday all alone for the first time ever but I didn't.

Went out for a birthday meal with friends I'd made at work

Then we had the clown epidemic
Aaand back to work

In November I spent the days...

Eating and..



Then saying ''Look how much weight I've lost!''

Started going out with friends I'd made at work


Had a few days off work at the beginning of the month so I decided to go and see my dad, we went to a market.

Didn't realize how much I'd missed Sunday roasts

Flew back

Went to a fair

Went out with friends
Had my first business dinner

Did the Xmas shopping

Flew back to spend Xmas with the family

Happy new year!

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  1. I am getting out of the AF and will be starting college to get my degree in HS English. Was it hard to find a job? What made you decide to go into English?